classical and jazz guitar | piano | composition | arrangements | film music

Andriy Ivchenko (born in Kiev, Ukraine) is an Austrian virtuoso guitarist, arranger and composer.
He received a classical guitar education at the Tschaikowsky Academy of Music in Kyiv (Ukraine) gaining a “summa cum laude” diploma. By the age of twenty he joined the Guitar Quartet "Kyiv" in the National Philharmonic of Ukraine taking part in several international concert tours. In numerous concerts in Ukraine, he was acting as guitar soloist as well as part of several famous Ukrainian ensembles in very different styles and genres.
After moving to Austria in 1998, he decided to continue his musical education at the Kunstuniversität Graz, both in classical guitar where he was mostly influenced by the late Leo Witoszynskyj, as well as in jazz guitar coached by Karl Ratzer and Guido Jeszenszky. He graduated from KUG Graz in 2008. His master thesis focused on Wes Montgomery´s jazz guitar style.
During his musical education in a very broad spectrum of musical genres, he took part in several international master classes, meeting famous instructors as Costas Cotsiolis, John Abercrombie and Tommy Emmanuel. In Austria, he works as an acknowledged session player in many bands, performing with famous singers such as Richard Ames or Yewgen Gembik, as well as renown instrumentalists such as Monika Stadler.
In 2008, he was invited to join Markus Schirmer´s Scurdia, a world music ensemble. A legendary live gala at the Graz Opera House as well as a studio CD were the results of this cooperation.
In 2010 he was invited by Klaus Eberhartinger (EAV) for some studio recordings.
Andriy Ivchenko lives in Vienna. In addition to performing live gigs together with jazz musicians, world musicians and music comedians, he is working currently on several classical guitar compositions as well as arranging and composing film music.